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Welcome to Alllawsites.com! This website aims to promote the importance of a Law Website, together with providing every Law researcher, Law students, educators and all web visitors to create a community within this website that will allow everyone to meet other visitors of common interest.

Meet The Owner

the Young Site Owner, Atty. John Parker.

the Young Site Owner, Atty. John Parker.

Atty. John Parker, A Law Graduate from Yale University, and the owner of Parker and Associate Law Firm Lives in Tennessee. He envisioned of having a website in a form of blog that will cater the other entire law website and provide guidance, archives, and tips on those who are of common interest.

Atty. John’s experience on Labor Laws, Civil Law and Criminal law have allowed him to share his personal experience on actual Trial and Litigation winning most of the cases he have handled. The Lawfirm is also open for on the Job Trainee Students and those waiting for the Licensure Exam result to work temporarily on John’s Law firm.

The Firm’s Vision
After John and the team have launch AllLawSites.com. the team have been assigned with the task of uploading important archives, court decisions that are good for being a template or perhaps can served as guide to those who are currently handling a case.

The Site will also be providing an FAQ page and a support system in the upcoming future to reach out it’s visitors, it will also be providing a subscription page to provide the current and important changes and updates with this website.

Overall, the site goal is not just for tha law firm itself but also, to ensure that this website will served as the “umbrella” of all the other Law site owners, members and developer to interact with each other.

In behalf of the AllLawSite Team, We thank you for checking this site and may you continue your regular visits. You may also reach us on our contact page for more information.

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